About CXIS


Our vision is to provide P&C companies with a competitive advantage through:

  • (Surprisingly) cost effective, on-shore operational support
  • Top line growth
  • An “actuarial” approach to customer experience

While P&C carriers continue to innovate through data strategy, customer engagement, and specialization – service providers generally remain stagnant: “turn-the-crank” support with no skin in the game, and usually defining “customer insight” as an IT product.

CXIS has turned the page in supporting P&C companies with a smarter, more blended approach to operational support, agent / policyholder experience, & top line growth.


CXIS is currently seeking talented, motivated, & enthusiastic individuals to join our team in our St. Petersburg, Florida location:

Job Role: Insurance Service Representative

The Insurance Service Representative interacts with insurance agents and policyholders to address product questions, policy clarifications, claims queries, and related customer insurance needs. The role serves as a liaison between agents & policyholders and internal insurance functions such as underwriting and product management. The Insurance Service Representative utilizes technology applications to assist with serving agent & policyholder needs. Customer Experience is both a primary theme for this role and the driving force behind our enthusiastic & progressive culture. Property & Casualty insurance experience is a plus, but not a requirement for this role. Successful applicants are those that demonstrate a natural ability – and desire – to engage customers in a positive, upbeat, and empathetic manner.

Job Role: Data Analyst

A Data Analyst at CXIS transforms, cleans, validates, and models data with the purpose of understanding or making conclusions from data.  He/she presents data in charts, graphs, and tables, and builds relational databases for collecting data including input and collection screens.  A Data Analyst may write Data Definition Language or Data Manipulation Language SQL commands, be responsible for improving data quality, and present conclusions gained from analyzing data using statistical tools like Microsoft Excel, SAS, SPSS and others.  Attention to detail & accuracy are paramount in this role at CXIS.

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Helping Others

Living a life bigger than our own is foundational to the premise, culture, and long-term strategy of our company.  CXIS is a broad net through which to make peoples’ lives better.  As a bonus, we actually mean it:

Leadership manifests in many forms.  We’re most proud of this one.

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We are happy to provide you additional information on our services or schedule a meeting to discuss your unique requirements. Please contact us today. We are located in the First Central Tower building in the heart of St. Petersburg, FL.

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