P&C Insurance
Business Process Outsourcing

Our Structure

U.S. Based, On Your Platforms, Specialist Expertise

We’re Platform-Agnostic

We specialize in providing operations support on insurers' existing platforms.

What Talent Gap?

We operate in cost effective, U.S. based P&C Insurance talent pools. (Yes, they exist!)

A Different Approach To Customer Experience

We include a data-driven, "actuarial" approach to Customer Experience & Quality.

We're Supplemental

Often times, jobs aren't eliminated with our involvement. We augment operations.

Variable Cost Structure

Avoid fixed costs and scale up (and down) efficiently. Deploy your capital and focus where it’s most valuable.

Dedicated Teams
Per Client

This approach facilitates product depth, process/technology fluidity, and culture “feel.”

We’re A-La-Carte

It doesn't have to be "All-in" outsourcing - we can support targeted areas of your operation.

We're Insurance People

We're led by a team of former P&C carrier executives with 75+ years of experience in P&C product, underwriting, sales, claims, and service.

$50 M –
$18 B DWP

Range of P&C Insurer Client Size

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Personal & Commercial Lines Expertise

Lines of Business



100% On-Shore

Policy Administration

CXIS offers full lifecycle policy administration (new business, renewals, endorsements, cancellations) on our clients’ existing systems. Data-driven quality control reinforces our sophisticated customer experience programs. We offer unique pricing structures to ensure we have aligned financial incentives with our clients, and our pre-built standardized operating procedures enable us to stand behind highly competitive SLAs.

New Business


Exception Renewals




Premium Endorsements


Non Premium Endorsements


But perhaps most importantly – we don’t “check the box”. Our people proactively solve problems for agents & policyholders, and we anticipate issues based on our extensive experience servicing P&C lines of business.

Additional services include:

  • Exception processing
  • Payment processing support
  • Document management including policy download support
  • Acquisition / assumption support
  • Agent training support
  • Call trending analysis & triage
  • Integrated multi-channel workflow (phone, email, chat, e-fax)

On Your Platforms


On Your Platforms


CXIS unlocks efficient underwriting capacity by enabling our clients to offload various aspects (or all) of the Underwriting process. We facilitate more critical, and ultimately more profitable underwriting – focus more time on examining additional data sources and avoid rushing decisions based on time constraints.

The CXIS Team taps into product and class of business expertise to evaluate risk exposures. Our seasoned P&C underwriters provide either turn-key risk review or specific underwriting task service and accommodate a range of custom underwriting designs from straight-through processing to full underwriter review. We also serve as a liaison with various field inspection companies as needed on behalf of our clients.

The CXIS Team supports agent communication regarding policy changes, cancellations, and non-renewals. As part of our standard operating procedures, we audit agent books of business to assess compliance with your underwriting guidelines and review property inspection reports to validate risk characteristics. We also perform renewal re-underwriting. As with all of our standard BPO services, our suite of underwriting support is integrated with our proprietary agent experience methodology.
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Unique Customer Experience Approach

Contact Center

We provide both inbound and outbound call support. Our P&C Insurance Specialists are P&C Insurance certified and 100% on-shore. Our call center capabilities include real-time speech analytics, multi-channel workflow, and advanced call analytics for trend insights. We have specialized expertise in scaling rapidly and efficiently for catastrophe scenarios.

We customize service level agreements with each client and manage compliance to them through a comprehensive metrics program down to CSR-level quality data. At their discretion, our clients are provided remote access to live & recorded calls.

Calls answered in 60 seconds


Calls answered in 45 seconds


Calls answered in 30 seconds


Calls answered in 20 seconds

90 %

Our call center technology is ISO 9001:2000 registered; SSAE-16 SOC II Type 2 compliant with full Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Redundancy.

Additional Services Include:

  • Smartphone and tablet mobile applications
  • Automated call monitoring & supervisor alerts
  • Multichannel recording
  • Salesforce integration

We Can Sell Too

Licensed Sales Support

CXIS provides on-shore, licensed P&C producers to assist with new business quoting, cross-sell, up-sell, and any post-bind sales related administration. Our team possesses both Personal & Commercial lines experience, and sales support services are available during regular hours and after-hours.


Because of CXIS’s unique structure and licensing, we’re further able to facilitate a “Service Center” model:

  • Independent Agents & Brokers exclusively focus on sales
  • Carrier (CXIS) accommodates all post-bind policyholder administration including advising on coverage, processing policy changes, and cross-sell / up-sell

In a Service Center model, Agents and Brokers can focus on growing their books instead of administrative work. Meanwhile, carriers offer a differentiated service to their Agency and Broker partners.

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Experienced P&C Experts


Experienced P&C Experts


CXIS provides claims operational support ranging from First Notice of Loss services, claim system record entry, coordination or assignment to outside adjusters and repair vendors, policyholder claim status updates, and related operational services.


CXIS also provides dedicated programs around policyholder satisfaction modeling: by cycle time, severity, cause of loss, state, county, CAT/Non-CAT, adjuster, and repair vendor.


Either full turn-key claim servicing or function-specific support (i.e., FNOL) is available. Our services can be delivered on our cloud-based platforms or our clients’ existing systems. We have deep expertise in scaling rapidly and efficiently for catastrophe scenarios.


InsurTech Back Office Solutions


InsurTech Back
Office Solutions

CXIS offers bundled solutions designed specifically for InsurTech ventures that are focused on their platform offerings, and that do not have the operational capacity, required talent, nor experience to perform the portions of their model that do require some form of P&C operations. We afford InsurTech ventures with the needed balance of:

  • Cost-effective P&C operations personnel, but still on-shore for Customer-Facing duties
  • Flexible cost structures
  • Bundled and a-la-carte offerings to support unique (and evolving) business models
  • Dedicated Operations Teams that are well-versed in quickly adapting to custom/new platforms
  • P&C Subject Matter Experts able to advise across Product, Underwriting, Service, Sales and Claims

See how we’re supporting P&C Insurers and how CXIS can work with your business