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Insurance should not be a commodity. Neither should the outsourcers that support the business. CXIS uniquely blends class of business expertise with efficient operations by deploying specialists with technical familiarity specific to P&C segments.  This enables our clients to benefit from both the value of on-shore insurance outsourcing (mitigating talent, cost, & capacity challenges; filling operations gaps & freeing up resources to focus on other work) – alongside a consultative approach honed through years of hands-on coverage experience. 


From Underwriting Support, Policy Administration, Service, Licensed Sales or Claims to our Project-based client work – there is no substitute for having walked in our clients’ shoes as insurance professionals ourselves.

Personal Lines

Today’s U.S. Personal Lines business is awash in digital innovation, data science, and of course – massive advertising budgets from large insurers.  To avoid competing on price alone – nobody wants a commoditized business, right? – a differentiated customer experience has become table-stakes. CXIS brings to bear decades of experience supporting Personal Lines across Operations Support and Project-based Services, along with innovative and “actuarial” Customer Experience data models proven to increase Policy Retention & Bind Rates (just ask a Top 2 Auto Carrier…).  CXIS also possesses particular expertise supporting CAT-exposed regions across Home, Auto, Flood, among other lines.


With annual expenditures exceeding $1.2 billion and employing over 10 million workers, the United States is amongst the largest and most diverse construction markets worldwide. While the sectors are many – High Rise Office Buildings, Retail, Utilities, Schools, Federal Facilities, Sports Arenas, and various other Infrastructure Types – CXIS deploys dedicated resources across P&C Insurance Outsourcing & Project-based Services not only experienced in the Construction Segment but also in the various applicable P&C lines of business: GL, Professional Liability, OCPs, Builders Risk, Workers Compensation, Umbrella, Pollution, and others.


The U.S. is a global power in the production, supply, and consumption of energy. U.S. energy companies produce oil, natural gas, coal, renewable fuels, as well as electricity from clean energy sources, including wind, solar, hydropower, geothermal, and nuclear power. CXIS deploys P&C insurance experts across Insurance Outsourcing & Project-based Services with hands-on experience not only in the Energy Segment but also with related coverage types spanning Environmental Risks, Third-party Liability, to Workers Compensation among others across the Energy Supply Chain: exploration & production, power & utilities, contractors, and so on as required.


As Technology continues to shape our lives & evolve, so does the risk for companies that provide it – ranging from global production & manufacturing challenges, to transportation delays, testing environment problems, business interruption, government restrictions, and of course cyber security risks – just to name a few. CXIS provides P&C Insurance BPO & Project-based Services incorporating both Technology Segment expertise and hands-on experience with applicable P&C coverage types: Cyber Liability, Professional Liability, Executive Risk, & other P&C products. So whether your customers are designers, manufacturers, or distributors of technology CXIS is uniquely skilled to assist.


The U.S. Transportation Segment’s historical significance is matched only by its breadth – summarized in-part by air freight and logistics, airlines, marine, road and rail, and transportation infrastructure. The Dow Jones Transportation Index (DJTA) was the U.S.’s first stock market index, and still tracks 20 of the most important companies in the sector. Transportation Risk is ever-present, and CXIS deploys resources across Insurance BPO and Project-based Services with both industry segment & contextual coverage expertise: GL, Management Liability, Auto Liability, Workers Compensation, Property, Equipment Breakdown, Pollution, Cyber, among others.


The Marine segment, also with historical insurance significance dating back to ancient Greece & Rome, spans a broad reach of coverage types pertaining to loss or damage to ships, cargo, terminals, and any transport by which property is transferred, acquired, or held between points of origin and final destinations. Accordingly CXIS brings to bear experienced P&C resources for both Insurance Outsourcing and Project-based Services with specific risk familiarity across various coverage types spanning ocean cargo, marine services suppliers, marine transportation providers, marine contractors, and related classes of business.


In today’s complex business landscape U.S. Manufacturers are faced with equally complex risks. Specialized machinery can require months, or sometimes years to replace. Directing global suppliers can result in defective parts diluting portions of the supply chain. Labor skill sets can be difficult to secure, as similar to our U.S. Insurance Industry, experienced employees are approaching retirement. That’s why as part of our P&C Insurance Outsourcing and Project-based Services we deploy resources with Manufacturing-specific expertise and contextual coverage experience: Property, Workers Compensation, GL, Auto, Umbrella, & others.

Retailers & Wholesalers

U.S. Retailers today are faced with exposures ranging from product to premises liability to cyber security, just for a few examples. Customers coming & going from their business, managing inventory & vendors, and displaying merchandising all present daily challenges. U.S. Wholesalers are also faced with complex inventory management, but unique risks around equipment, facilities, and particularly around integration with distribution require specialized expertise. Accordingly CXIS brings to bear P&C Insurance BPO and Project-based Services blending coverage experience across Commercial Property, BOP, EPL, GL, Business Income, Cyber, Commercial Auto, Workers Comp, and others.


The U.S. is one of the largest automotive markets in the world, also inviting substantial investment ($75 Billion) from foreign automakers abroad. Whether car or truck dealerships, rental car operators, manufacturers, transporters, auto service, leasing, or auction companies – those in this segment are required to manage myriad risks across inventory fleets, CAT-exposed property, environmental exposures, litigious third-party jurisdictions, privacy & cyber risks, management liability, among others. CXIS deploys resources across Insurance BPO and Project-based Services with coverage expertise across GL, Auto, EPL, Umbrella, Cyber, Workers Compensation, among many others.


As a sense of scale, complexity, & importance to the U.S. economy, over $1.7 trillion in economic activity and 10 million American jobs are driven by commercial and personal aviation. Approximately 2.5 million passengers fly each day in the U.S.! Risk exposures are accordingly vast & complex, spanning aircraft, private jet services, airports, hangers, flight schools, charter operators, MRO operations and ground handlers. In providing Property & Casualty Insurance Outsourcing and Project-based Services CXIS deploys resources with both Aviation industry and related coverage experience across Physical Damage, Passenger & Third-party Liability, Baggage & Cargo Liability, Workers Compensation, Employer’s Liability, among others.

Farm & Agriculture

Contributing approximately $1 trillion to annual U.S. GDP, thriving in today’s massive U.S. Agribusiness means more than knowing a farm, ranch, stable or vineyard. It’s paramount to remain abreast of modern & evolving risks spanning extreme weather, locally sourced food demands, organic farming, product recalls, to AgTech. Expertise is required across the supply chain – Producers, Suppliers & Warehouses, Processors, Manufacturers, Distributors, & Retailers. That’s why through P&C Insurance Outsourcing & Project-based Services CXIS deploys resources with both Farm & Ag experience as well as coverage expertise – Property, Auto, GL, Umbrella, Workers Compensation, among many others.

Restaurants & Hospitality

Contributing more than $2.4 trillion in annual U.S. sales and 7% to GDP, and employing in excess of 30 million workers – the Restaurant & Hospitality segments are core to U.S. economic health. From the macro to micro, risks are ever-present and pervasive: In restaurants, daily patrons coming & going to foodborne illnesses down to hot surfaces & sharp knives. For hospitality companies, risks ranging from property damage, to crime, injuries, contamination, alcohol liabilities and many more must be managed. Accordingly CXIS helps insurers protect their clients through Insurance Outsourcing & Project-based Services blending segment experience with coverage expertise in GL, BOP, Property, Business Income, Cyber, and many more lines.

Life Sciences

The U.S. Life Sciences segment is as diverse as it is dynamic: biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, biomedical & life systems technologies, nutraceuticals, cosmeceuticals, food processing, environmental, biomedical devices; the list goes on. From drug manufacturers to CMOs to large publicly traded organizations, risk is present & evolving in every phase of the clinical trial process – discovery, development & delivery. CXIS helps insurers protect their insureds with P&C Insurance BPO & Project-based Services combining segment expertise with coverage experience in applicable lines including Property, GL, Equipment Breakdown, Auto, Umbrella, Workers Compensation, among others.

Health & Senior Care

Astonishingly, the Healthcare segment represents approximately 19% of the U.S. GDP. And as baby boomers continue moving into retirement, the number of senior care organizations is significantly rising. Healthcare businesses face enormous risks, ranging from abuse allegations to traditional P&C exposures including damaged goods in transit, theft, & fires. Senior Care risk is equally pervasive spanning nursing, assisted & independent living, memory care, senior housing and retirement communities, rehabilitation, & hospice organizations. That’s why CXIS provides Insurance BPO & Project-based Services blending class of business expertise along with coverage experience across GL, Medical Professional Liability, Management Liability, Privacy and Network Liability, and traditional P&C lines.

Financial Institutions

U.S. financial markets are the largest and most liquid in the world, representing more than 7% of GDP and employing more than 6 million people. Players in our large ecosystem span community / regional / national / global banks, broker-dealers, asset & wealth management firms, investment banks & advisors, private equity & portfolio firms, hedge funds, Fintech, and of course our very own insurance organizations. CXIS offers Property & Casualty Insurance Outsourcing & Project-based Services with both Financial Services expertise and an impressive breadth in applicable coverage types – Cyber, Transactional Liability, EPL, D&O, GL, Umbrella, Fiduciary Liability, Collateral Protection, & other P&C lines.

Real Estate

The Real Estate sector in today’s U.S. financial landscape is substantial, contributing more than $2.7 trillion to the economy and approximately 13% of GDP. Employing more than 2 million workers and generating more than $10 billion in corporate profits, the risk profiles are diverse and require segment-specific expertise across catastrophes and business interruptions for offices, retail, high-end condominiums, owner associations, industrial properties, warehousing, mixed use, and various other classes. CXIS deploys resources with Real Estate segment experience through both Insurance Outsourcing and Project-based Services across various applicable lines including Builders Risk, CPP, Property, GL, Auto, Cyber, Umbrella, Workers Compensation, D&O, among others.

Government & Public Entities

Ranging from state governments to counties to cities to transit authorities and utilities, public entities face a broad set of risk exposures. Aging infrastructure presents rising transportation risks. Personally identifiable data is particularly vulnerable to cyber criminals in this sector. Increased litigation and scrutiny of police actions require specialized risk management. Risk diversity is ever-present across emergency responders to water & sewer facilities to detention centers to yes, even libraries. Accordingly CXIS provides P&C Insurance BPO and Project-based Services blending Government & Public Entity experience with relevant lines: Property, GL, Workers Compensation, D&O, EPL, Law Enforcement Liability, Public Entity Management Liability, Cyber, amongst others.


The U.S. Education market is both large (approximately $1.5 trillion) and growing, forecasted to demonstrate a 4.5% CAGR or higher through 2026. Everything from emergency events to accusations of abuse, risk is pervasive across public & private K-12 schools, colleges & universities, charter schools, vocational & trade schools, specialty schools, religiously affiliated schools, among others. Accordingly CXIS brings to bear P&C insurance professionals through both Insurance BPO and Project-based Services with Education segment experience & related line of business expertise across CPP, Property, GL, Cyber, Workers Compensation, Directors & Officers, Construction Liability, and many others.

Media & Entertainment

The U.S. Media & Entertainment segment is a $703 billion market, comprised of companies that produce and distribute motion pictures, television programs and commercials, streaming content, music and audio recordings, radio, book publishing, video games and supplementary services. This sector, which constitutes 33% of the global Media & Entertainment industry, is the largest of its kind in the world. New risk profiles are evolving as content platforms collide with traditional delivery channels and consumers watch movies from their phones. Through P&C Insurance BPO and Project-based Services CXIS deploys P&C professionals versed in both segment & coverage expertise spanning Production Coverage, Property, Cyber, and other standard P&C lines.

Additional Segments

From Cultural Institutions, Architects & Engineers, and Religious / Non-profits all the way through Personal Care & Pet Services – try us; CXIS uniquely blends of Class of Business Expertise with Efficient Operations.

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