Policy Retention &


Unique Blend of
Technology & Service

P&C Insurers are averaging a 3-4% increase in policy retention through CXIS’s proprietary retention suite. Our unique blend of technology and licensed P&C insurance personnel enables P&C Insurers to combine real-time data aggregation from 4 data sources, web-based automation, and P&C operational support.


Data on its own is somewhat useless.

It helps to actually do something with it.

Pinpoint local opportunities for retention and bind rate improvement

Avoid competing
on rate alone

Mitigate agent and policyholder experience pain points

Unlock hidden
growth opportunities

3-4% Increase in
P&C Insurer
Policy Retention

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Retention Programs

P&C Insurers spanning $18 billion DWP down to $100 million DWP in 50 states are averaging a 3-4+% increase in policy retention through our unique blend of technology & operational service.

Policy Growth Programs

Through a unique blend of technology and P&C licensed service, CXIS automates prospect outreach, mitigation of non-bound quotes, and can provide licensed producers to convert sales.

Claims Experience & Net Promoter Score®

Given the criticality of Claims customer experience – and its proven impacts on Net Promoter Score® & insurer profitability – CXIS provides unique programs that improve claims experience for both policyholders & agents. CXIS is a Net Promoter Score® certified provider.

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