Domino Effect: Claims Experience → Net Promoter Score → Profitability

Not surprisingly, Bain & Company continues to produce hard data linking the criticality of Claims Experience, Net Promoter Score, and Insurer Profitability. Consider the following:

1. Claims interactions, though infrequent, have the greatest effect on loyalty (Net Promoter Score)

2. Policyholders with a strong Net Promoter Score stay longer, buy more, and provide more referrals

At CXIS, we’ve developed a Program specifically for P&C Carriers to:

  1. Aggregate claims experience data, including Net Promoter Score
  2. Provide analytics around claims experience, NPS, and growth/profitability
  3. Facilitate a continuous improvement program – i.e. actually use the data

100% of our associates are insurance-certified (The Institutes), and we’re a Net Promoter Score certified company. Give us a shout; we can help.

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