We Employ U.S. Veterans – You Should Too!

Under the category of “unsolicited advice”, here’s a tip free-of-charge: Hiring U.S. Veterans makes good business sense. Here’s why:

1.) Old-fashioned Respect: Unfortunately, basic manners and common courtesy seem to be fading as a lost art. Military personnel are trained to respect their superiors and civilian leaders – the same training can be applied to their customers. Sometimes, the simple act of courtesy & making the extra effort can go a long way for a superior customer experience.

2.) Problem Solving: Are critical thinking skills and thinking-on-your-feet important to your business? They are to ours. Ask a Veteran about this – some piece of mission-essential information or equipment almost always is missing or breaking down right when they need it. Murphy’s Law and Soldiers are old acquaintances. From this adage evolves a honed skill for creative problem solving on-the-fly. Civilian softies like me call this “thinking outside the box”.

3.) Attention to Detail: My father preached it incessantly: “Always do things to the best of your ability.” Even for tasks, I considered menial – making the bed, folding towels, etc. Years later I’ve grown to appreciate the wisdom of his approach. Attention to detail, work ethic, and discipline – they’re all habits. Success is a habit. It was all the training he received in the military.

4.) Punctuality: There’s a saying in the military: “If you’re 15 minutes early you’re on time, if you’re on time you’re late, and if you’re late you’re screwed.” Service Members learn to plan ahead. It sounds tactical – but again, details matter.

5.) Skills: Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, Merchant Marines, you name it – they all deliver regimented training programs spanning technology, strategy, and leadership. For our business – technology, in particular, continues to empower today’s consumers with choice, convenience, and speed. The ability to apply technology comfortably and efficiently in solving customer problems is foundational to delivering a superior experience.

Many Veterans have demonstrated an ability to deliver under pressures most of us won’t have to know because of their service. Sometimes, the best advice is free.

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